Blomberg Appliance Repair


The history of Blomberg appliances can be traced back all the way to 1883. They began in the metallurgical industry before establishing a distribution channel for home appliances in 1935. In 1949, they started producing washing machines and, over the next few years, the brand enjoyed fantastic growth. In 1981, the company produced the very first fully automatic washing machine. Over the years, the company has focused on maintaining constant progress while embracing technology as well as novel ideas that set their appliances apart.

Why call Capital Appliance for Blomberg Appliance Repairs?

Blomberg appliances are complex by nature. Not only from an electronic perspective but a mechanical one too. When wear and tear occurs, you need a repair technician who will perform fast repairs and stand by their work. Capital Appliance does just that by offering a satisfaction guarantee along with a 1-year warranty on all repairs. We always arrive prepared with parts and tools to get the job done on the spot and without any unnecessary delays.

Blomberg Refrigerator Repairs

Blomberg produces built-in as well as free-standing refrigerators to suit all homes. Their refrigerators are known for their quality, durability and aesthetic appeal. If your Blomberg refrigerator starts making a strange noise, leaking or will not turn on, contact us right away for urgent repairs.

Blomberg Dishwasher Repairs

Some of the most common problems that can affect any dishwasher include pump issues, electronic problems and broken gaskets on the door. The good news is that our team is trained and experienced in performing fast dishwasher repairs on all models and makes, including Blomberg.

Blomberg Washer Repairs

Blomberg washers are known for their efficiency and reliability. The company has a very long history of manufacturing washing machines and their experience over the years is to thank for the great models we have today. If you notice any fault with your washer, contact us right away for speedy repairs anywhere in Ottawa.

Blomberg Dryer Repairs

Just like your washer, your Blomberg dryer will experience wear and tear due to regular use. If it is not getting warm enough or if it running too hot, it is best to avoid using this appliance until our team has diagnosed and repaired the problem.

Blomberg Washer Dryer Combo Repairs

These combos are great space-savers and they make laundry even easier. Of course, this 2-in-1 appliance contains a lot more components and, as such, they are even more complex. Professional repairs are the only way to go when your Blomberg washer dryer combo needs maintenance.

Blomberg Range and Oven Repairs

Your oven or range will operate at very high temperatures to ensure that your meals are properly cooked. The most common problem with any oven or range is that relating to temperature control. In other words, the appliance gets too hot or not hot enough. Either way, our team is always happy to help!

Blomberg Cooktop Repairs

Just like your oven, your cooktop also runs at high temperatures. Whether one of the burners is faulty or all of them are giving you trouble, it is always best to have a trained and licensed technician diagnose and repair the problem. Call Capital Appliance Repair for fast cooktop repairs.

Blomberg Hood Repairs

Your Blomberg hood works hard to get rid of all those vapours and odours. With regular use, wear and tear are bound to take its toll. Fortunately, professional repairs are just a phone call away and our team always arrives prepared with the necessary tools and parts to complete repairs quickly.

Blomberg Microwave Repairs

Blomberg manufactures both traditional and convection microwaves to cater to everyone’s needs. Stylish, durable and convenient, these appliances usually work perfectly well for many years. Of course, various parts will need to be repaired or replaced at some stage and, when they do, it is always best to contact a trained professional.

Your Blomberg Appliances Deserve the Best

No matter the appliance or model, when you invest in Blomberg, you are investing in quality. A faulty Blomberg appliance does not necessarily need to be replaced. Professional Blomberg appliance repairs by trained and licensed technicians will keep your favourite appliance running for that much longer. For speedy professional Blomberg repairs, call Capital Appliance Repair at 1 613-454-1577.



01 – Water inlet fault

  • Check the water supply to the washer.
  • Check the fill hose for kinks.
  • Check the inlet valve filter and inlet valve.

02 – Drain error

  • If your washing machine will not drain, check the pump filter as well as the drain pump for any blockages.
  • Check the outlet hose for obstructions and check the drain pump operation and wiring.

03 – Heating error

  • Washing machine not heating the water. Check the wiring to the thermostats and wash heater.
  • Check the thermostats and wash heater.

04 – Shorted motor triac

  • The motor connector block, wiring and electronic control need to be checked.

05 – Temperature NTC error

  • The temperature sensor and sensor wiring need to be checked.

06 – Motor tacho error

  • The following parts need to be checked: the motor connector block, wiring, motor carbon brushes, tacho connections and motor.

07 – Door lock or latching error

  • The door is detected as open. Check if the door is closed and check the catch and latch.
  • Check the door look and wiring.

09 – Program selector error

  • Check the wiring, electronic control and program selector connector.

10 – Overfill detected

  • The machine is filling with too much water.
  • Check the wiring, electronic controller and level sensor connector block.

11 – Water heating fault

  • The washer is not heating water. Check the wash heater, thermostats and the wiring to these components.

12 – Door latch fault

  • Check if the door is closed before checking the door lock connector block and wiring.

13 – Spin speed error

  • Check the drive belt, wiring, motor connector block, motor carbon brushes, tacho connections and motor.

18 – Incorrect mains voltage or frequency

  • Check the main electric supply.
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