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Every home in Fricko has at least a few irreplaceable appliances. Kitchen appliances like refrigerators, ovens, stoves, and dishwashers have become such a great part of our daily lives that we cannot imagine being without them. Not to mention all the time and energy your washer and dryer help you save every week. If one of your appliances breaks or starts showing signs of significant wear, prompt Fricko appliance repairs can help keep the damage to a minimum. It’s also good to remember that there are a number of steps you can take to keep your appliances in the best possible shape.

Ovens and stoves

Many people neglect to properly maintain their ovens and stoves. Unfortunately, this kind of neglect can result in more serious problems. The first thing you should check is the seal on the oven door. Make sure that the gasket is intact and not showing any signs of wear and tear. If you do notice some wear or if the gasket no longer fits properly, it can be the cause of heat loss and the reason for your oven becoming less energy efficient.

As for your stove, you can expect food to spill and dirt to build up. This can result in a fire risk, which is why it’s so important to clean your stove before or after every use. If you choose to clean after each use, it’s important to allow your stove to cool down first. Make sure that you clean your stove regularly in order to make clean up easier. The longer the dirt hangs around, the more difficult it will be to clean. It’s also a good idea to use the right cleaning detergents for the type of stove. Different surfaces require different cleaning solutions for best results.

Your range hood and vent could also use a bit of regular attention. When it sucks up all that hot steam, it also becomes lined with food and fat particles over time. Most range hoods have multiple filters. Some of which need to be washed while others should be replaced regularly. Depending on the type of filter, you might need to wash them by hand or you can place them in your dishwasher. The latter is quite beneficial in terms of getting rid of grease, grime, and any germs.


There are several areas that you should check on a regular basis. The first being the gaskets. Like your oven, if your fridge gasket is worn or loose, it can cause your fridge to work harder. The coils on the back of your fridge also need to be cleaned every few months to get rid of any dirt and dust build up. If dirt builds up, it can restrict the flow of air and this increases the temperature of the fridge. Use your vacuum cleaner with the soft brush attachment for best results.

If your fridge has a water filter, you should check and replace the filter according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Filters are meant to be replaced for a reason. Particles build up over time and bacteria can develop which is a health risk. If you use the filters for longer than you should, you could be consuming water that’s even more contaminated than regular tap water.


Since your dishwasher relies on water to get the job done, it should come as no surprise that rust can affect this appliance. If the rack lines have been affected by rust, you should cover them with replacement tips. Use a sealant to hold them I place.

You should also check the gaskets just like those on your oven and fridge. If you notice hard water affecting your dishwasher, you should run a wash cycle with vinegar to dissolve the calcium residue and clean out minor clogs. Check your filters regularly to make sure that food has not built up out of control.

Washers and dryers

Check the dryer lint trap before every load. If the lint builds up, it can cause a fire. This is also the reason why it’s important to inspect your dryer vent on a regular basis. Despite the lint trap, particles can still get through to the vent. If they build up here over time, it too can result in a fire.

Check your washer hoses regularly for damage, wear, and blockages. It’s also a good idea to check your washer to make sure that it’s level. If your washer is not level, it can hop and ‘walk’ during the wash cycle.

Proper loading appliances

All appliances have a maximum capacity. Overloading your fridge can make it less efficient and put excess strain on the motor. If you overload your washer, it can put stress on the working parts of the washer and cause excessive wear and tear. Smaller loads are best when it comes to your dryer. The more you load into your dryer, the longer it will take for everything to dry. Even your dishwasher should not be overloaded. It will prevent the water and detergent from reaching all areas of all your dishes which means that they will not come out perfectly clean.

No matter how well you take care of your appliances, professional repairs will be necessary at some point. For expert Fricko appliance repair services, call Capital Appliance Repair at (613) 454-1577.

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