Hobart Appliance Repair


Founded in 1897 in Troy, Ohio, the Hobart Electronic Manufacturing Company attached motors to coffee mills and meat grinders. In doing so, they created powered food production appliances. The company became the Hobart Corporation in 1974 and, in 2001, they joined the Illinois Tool Works Food Equipment Group. Today, they are known for manufacturing high-quality commercial appliances that are able to handle the demands of commercial food preparation.

Why Capital Appliance Repair for Hobart Appliance Repairs?

When you need reliable and fast Hobart appliance repairs in Ottawa, you can depend on Capital Appliance Repair. We are available throughout Ottawa 7 days a week. Our technicians are all highly trained and experienced in performing quality Hobart appliance repairs. Apart from keeping repair costs affordable, we also back all repairs with a 1-year warranty.

Hobart Convection Oven Repairs

If you own or run a business where food is made and served, you need a dependable oven. Similarly, it would be unrealistic to expect an oven to go for years without maintenance. When you need fast Hobart oven repairs, you can always call us.

Hobart Toaster Repairs

Hobart toasters are unlike any other. Their even heating means that you can serve perfectly browned toast without dark edges or spots. If your Hobart toaster no longer works as it should, contact our team of experts for speedy service 7 days a week.

Hobart Steamer Repairs

Your Hobart steamer is excellent for fast food preparation and great for ensuring that food maintains its flavour and nutritional value. If your steamer stops working or if you notice even the smallest of faults, contact our technicians right away.

Hobart Mixer Repairs

Hobart produces a range of mixers and each of which has its own purpose. Whether you have a countertop, floor, spiral or other Hobart mixer, you can be sure that our team is always ready and happy to perform any repairs you need. Whether your mixer will no longer turn on, it’s making a strange noise or any other problems, we are just a phone call away.

Hobart Dishwasher Repairs

A reliable, heavy-duty dishwasher is essential in any restaurant. If your Hobart dishwasher starts leaking, no longer turns on or is making a strange noise, you know who to call! Capital Appliance Repair technicians are available 7 days a week and we are experienced and trained in repairing all Hobart dishwasher models.

Hobart Food Processor Repairs

Hobart produces a number of food processor models including bowl-style, continuous feed and combination food processors. These food processors really speed up the cooking process and allow you to serve up those orders fresher and faster.

Hobart Slicer Repairs

Like their other appliances, Hobart slicers are able to perform very well under pressure. They have sharp components and this is all the more reason not to use them if you notice anything wrong. Instead, call our technicians for speedy slicer repairs anywhere in Ottawa.

Hobart Scale Repairs

Price computing, self-service and wrap station scales are some of the impressive appliances produced by Hobart. Scales are an essential part of the foodservice industry. Which is why they need to be accurate. If your Hobart scale needs repairs, contact us right away.

Hobart Wrapping Equipment Repairs

Hobart wrapping equipment makes it that much easier to ensure that the food you serve looks its best and is safe from cross contamination. Depending on your needs, you might opt for a fully automatic system, hand wrapping system or something in between. With regular use, wear and tear will surely occur and repairs will be needed. Fortunately, you can rely on us for speedy Hobart wrapping equipment repairs.

Call Us for All Your Hobart Appliance Repairs

Although we love the thought of our appliances working without any problems forever, there is just no way around the inevitable effect of wear and tear. When a part becomes worn or broken and needs to be replaced, it’s always best to call an expert. For all your Hobart appliance repair emergencies, you can rely on Capital Appliance Repair. Contact us at 1 613-454-1577.




  • Shut off valve is closed: Open the shut-off valve and turn on the machine again
  • Fill system or valve faulty: Contact a technician

FIL + key:

  • Exceeded fill time


  • Drain hose blocked: Clean the drain hose and restart the drain cycle
  • Drain hose defective: Contact a technician


  • Drain hose blocked: Clean the drain hose and restart the drain cycle
  • Fill system or drain system defective: Contact a technician


  • Defective temperature probe ‘rinse booster’: Contact a technician


  • Defective temperature probe ‘tank’: Contact a technician


  • Defective rinse booster heating: Could be due to restricted operation; contact a technician

Flashing red/blue start button

  • Blocked wash tank filters: Remove and flush the scrap basket and tank strainer. Place them back in the machine, close the door and restart the cycle.
Service Areas:

Ottawa, Kingston and Vancouver.