Top Rated Appliance Repair Company in Ottawa now offering GAS Appliance Repairs

We are very excited to announce that Capital Appliance Repair now offers gas appliance repairs in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. This means that our technicians are insured by The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) and can legally work on any household gas appliances.

So whether you experience any issues with your gas stove or gas dryer, you can now call the experts at Capital Appliance Repair. Those who are familiar with our other core services can expect the same level of professionalism and quality when they call us for our gas appliance repair service.

What does it mean to be TSSA certified?

In order to work on gas appliances in Ontario, you must have the proper license and be certified to do so. This means that you must have the proper training to perform gas appliance repairs in this province.

So how does one becomes licensed and certified to repair gas appliances? You must get certified by The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).

The TSSA develops a set of standards for a number of different industries – including appliance repair. The primary mandate of the TSSA is to ensure public safety by educating and testing practitioners from various industries. So anyone who wants to be a gas technician in Ontario must complete the training and pass the tests to be certified.

Furthermore, getting your TSSA certification doesn’t allow you to just repair gas appliances, it also allows you to perform inspections and installations. As a TSSA -certified appliance repair company, the technicians at Capital Appliance Repair are proud to now offer Ottawa residents with reliable, same-day gas appliance repairs.

Our Gas Appliance Services

We are confident that the question on your mind is: ok, so what gas appliance services do you offer? The answer to that is a lot.

Here are the services we offer for gas appliances:

Gas Range Repair – Gas ranges are used frequently in homes and properties in the food industry. If your gas range is not heating properly or it is not igniting, then you gas range repair services.

Gas Stove Repair – Gas stoves are very popular with homeowners because they heat up and cool down quickly. Some common issues with gas stoves include: the igniter doesn’t spark, igniter continuously clicks, and the burners are working but not the oven. Our stove repair service will have your stove working properly again in no time.

Gas Oven Repair – Like the stove, ovens are relied on by many people to cook food and prepare meals. The performance of your oven can be impacted by issues with the broil element, bake element, thermostat, and wiring issues. When you need oven repairs in Ottawa, call Capital Appliance Repair.

Gas Dryer Repair – People often turn to gas dryers because they tend to be less expensive to operate compared to electric dryers. If you have a gas dryer that is overheating, not drying clothes properly or just not turning on, then you should get in touch with a TSSA certified technician from Capital Appliance Repair. Our dryer repair service is what you need to get your dryer up and running again.

Gas Stove Installation – Not only can we perform repairs on gas stoves, but we can also install them professionally. We have the know-how to set up your stove properly so you can get cooking in no time.

Gas Line Installation – When you need to get natural gas to any of your appliances, you can contact Capital Appliance Repair to have a TSSA certified technician install a gas line in your home.

Gas Dryer Installation – Have you recently bought a brand new gas dryer? Then get in touch with the TSSA certified technicians at Capital Appliance repair for professional and reliable gas dryer installation.

Inspection – Our technicians are also available to perform thorough inspections on any gas appliance to ensure that it is up to snuff and that there aren’t any issues to be concerned about.

Gas Furnaces – Not getting enough heat in your home? No worries. Our technicians can come to your home to diagnose and repair any issue with your furnace.

Gas Barbeque Repair – When it’s warm outside, many people get the urge to fire up the barbecue and get cooking. Don’t let a faulty barbecue ruin your summer BBQ plans. Give our TSSA certified professional a call for speedy gas barbecue repairs.

Now that Capital Appliance Repair technicians are insured by the TSSA, we can extend our expert and reliable appliance repair service to gas appliances. When you need urgent gas appliance repairs, give us a call for same-day repairs.

Service Areas:

Ottawa, Nepean, KanataStittsville, Gloucester and the surrounding area.